The corner of Muelle Uno will host this sensory exhibition with Klimt’s paintings from January 17 to April 19

Klimt's exhibition invites you to see his paintings in another way.

Klimt’s exhibition invites you to see his paintings in another way.

See, hear, smell and even feel Gustav Klimt.  The immersive exhibition ‘El Oro de Klimt’ arrives in Malaga to give life to one of the most famous kisses in the history of art . This innovative proposal will allow from January 17 to completely immerse yourself in the seductive universe of the Austrian painter, after the success achieved in Seville with more than 63,000 visits.

Nomad Art, exclusive representative in Spain of the successful exhibition ‘Van Gogh Alive’ , whose tour accumulates more than 600,000 visits in Spain is again responsible for bringing this breaker proposal to Malaga, whose tickets are limited and can now be purchased at  www.elorodeklimt.es . The price ranges between 8.20 and 11 euros.

‘El Oro de Klimt’, which will remain open until April 19 at Muelle One , in the port of Malaga takes another innovative leap to present the work of this artist “as never seen before”.

The multimedia show extends to all surfaces of the room, bathing the space with light and color,  and incorporating musical pieces and aromatic essences  carefully selected to make this extraordinary audiovisual story a unique sensory experience, they have pointed out through a statement.

Cristina Ortega, representative of Nomad Art for the exhibition, explained that “ in ‘El Oro de Klimt’ you are not seeing the painting, the image absorbs you, surrounds you, music and aroma envelop you, all to transport you to the universe of sensuality and elegance that characterizes the artist ”.

Klimt’s exhibition invites you to see his paintings in another way.

A studied play of lights, thousands of large-scale moving images projected on giant screens and an  exquisite musical selection will make the work of the Austrian painter leave the canvas in ‘The Gold of Klimt ‘, allowing the visitor to explore his famous portraits, landscapes and its spectacular friezes covered with gold, silver and tiles in an authentic explosion of color.

The evocative essence created exclusively for the exhibition will be in charge of establishing an emotional link between the aroma and inspiration of the artist, creating endless sensations. The woman will have a special role, as she had in Gustav Klimt’s life , with an exclusive space to publicize the muses that inspired the artist.

With this new cultural proposal, Nomad Art aims to  “thrill the viewer and, above all, bring the universe of the Austrian painter closer to all audiences . Bringing art to all ages, especially the youngest speaking their own language: multimedia, ”they added.

To achieve this, they have detailed, “this exhibition narrates through nine chapters the life and work of Gustav Klimt, between informational rooms, interactive elements, exhibition spaces and  a unique ‘illusion room’ that promise to further extend the immersive experience of ‘El Klimt gold ‘”. All this with a didactic vision and special attention to the little ones, who will have an exclusive area to let their artistic sensibility fly.

Source: https://www.laopiniondemalaga.es/cultura-espectaculos/2020/01/02/cuadros-klimt-podran-vivir-muelle/1136253.html