The common areas of  MUELLE One , in the port of  Malaga  , and the  Miramar Shopping Center in Fuengirola , will be  disinfected with NASA technology  to keep the coronavirus at bay once both spaces  can reopen their doors.

Myramar Retail , the company that manages both commercial spaces, has been looking for technological alternatives that certify the safety of its customers and workers for some time and, finally, it has decided on photocatalytic oxidation, “which guarantees air quality and the destruction of viruses and bacteria in especially sensitive areas of both centers, such as elevators, bathrooms and lactation rooms, among others ”

The  photocatalysis  is oriented management, design, development and exploitation of large areas commercial in the province of Malaga, photochemical reaction that occurs in nature whereby surface – treated titanium dioxide, in the presence of sunlight or artificial of a specific wavelength, they acquire  decontaminating and self-cleaning properties , destroying viruses, toxic and bacteriological substances in the environment, allowing pure air to breathe and therefore more benefits for humans, according to Myramar Retail in a statement.

For this reason, after analyzing this technology and comparing it with other available systems such as ozone or ultraviolet light, it has opted for photocatalysis: “In addition to being extremely effective in reducing the bacterial load in the environment, it can be used continuously –during 24 hours – and it is completely  harmless to humans . What’s more, this technology is beneficial since it uses the principle of decontamination from nature itself ”.

In addition to photocatalysis, Myramar Retail, a division of Grupo Myramar, a developer and construction company since 1958; It has incorporated a plan of measures common to both centers “with heavy  investments  adapted to the characteristics of each of its projects.”

In this way, for example, recommended routes and  signage have been implemented to order the circulation of its clients  so that the traffic of people does not cross and thus guarantee social distance, capacity control systems in premises and bathrooms , disinfecting mats for the sole of the shoe, hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, etc.